I allowed myself to be silenced. I was sidelined in sharing the word of “Unity In Christ” through my blog.

A few months ago, right after the presidential election here in the USA, I wrote an article about God’s Will, and received a great deal of criticism from many of my Christian friends. Most of the harsh words were aimed at the belief that the now current administration was not appointed by God. With the critics telling me how wrong I was, I allowed myself to be silenced. I was sidelined in sharing the word of “Unity In Christ” through my blog.

Through prayer and thinking over the last few weeks I realized the author of confusion had silenced me and I had given up. God has called me to share Unity In Christ with my every fiber, and by allowing others to influence me to remain silent, my personal contribution in sharing The Word had been put on hold. God never told us it would be easy in sharing His message, there will always be those who see things differently. Our mission in this life is to keep moving forward, sharing the message God has given us, and leave the rest to The Holy Spirit. We as human beings cannot change hearts, but The Holy Spirit can and does.

Our God is not a genie, God is not here for us to make three wishes and see them materialize. I assure you God appointed the previous presidential administration as well as the current one and no matter how much we may want to always be correct in our choices, our choices do not always line up with what God has planned. None of us can see exactly what God has planned, but we tend to choose what others predict instead of trusting in His Holy Word.

There are those who want to predict the end times, using current events to point out what must happen, and then go about trying to make or enforce events to fit the narrative. Angry mobs are not what God uses to share His message of Love, Peace, Truth, and Unity. I have said this before, God does not need our help to force outcomes, can we please trust in His word?

Through all the events these past months, one major thought has stayed with me. I had one friend who was basically trying to soothe the spirits of another, because the other individual was not happy in having to accept the events as they had unfolded. My friend posted an image representing Jesus in the middle of a storm at sea, holding out His hand saying, “Focus On Me, not the storm.” I was literally moved to tears by this and praying more would also see and agree with this beautiful message.

God is ALWAYS on the throne, that will NEVER change. One of my favorite songs that I have had the pleasure of leading many times over the years is “You Are God Alone” by William McDowell, if you are not familiar with it, look it up on YouTube. The song hits right to the heart of things, God is God, and His Will is always going to be done. It may not always be lined up with what we believe or what some amazing spiritual leader preaches, but “That’s just the way it is.”

I saw this following verse posted many times during our previous administration, let us all believe the same for the current one, and pray for their well-being and protection in the same manner. Blessings!

(Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Romans 13:1)

Rev. M. Silas Boyd





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