Unity in Christ: A Building Is Not The Church

The Divide

Christians have shown throughout the centuries that there are so many things we just cannot agree on. From the early days with the first followers of Christ, to the year 313 AD and Emperor Constantine I legalizing Christian worship in the Roman Empire, through the Renaissance era, Reformation and so on, division seems to be inevitable. Core principles should always be the same, follow the teachings of Christ, love God and love your fellow man, and ultimately Unity in Christ. Current events seem to always have an impact on how we, and others, view Christianity. Do we have to go to a building to hear the word of God?

Who is the Enemy?

Today, as it is most of the time, we are facing enemies outside of the church and within as well. It doesn’t seem to take much to start the division and prevent that coveted Unity. Does church service have to be confined to a building we ask? Dealing with the current pandemic, most churches have had to make modifications in the way their services are being held. Some church members view and accept these changes as just another opportunity to worship while others view them as infringement on religious freedoms. We again start seeing how political influence continues to bombard our basic judgments, and sends our members into opposite corners.

The message of love

If we continue to allow ourselves to be influenced by who is going to gain politically and believing we are being led by evil because we have regulations in place, the very regulations devised to protect our brothers and sisters, who we are supposed to love.(1 John 4:20-21 ) If we continue to attack one another for trying to help instead of pulling together. And, if we continue to be led by greed for monetary gain instead of love for one another, our message of Unity in Christ will surely be lost. Church services do not require a building to meet, even though we have some amazing mega structures that have been constructed throughout history. The word of God can be shared and heard in any setting.

Let’s work together

This time in history affords us with the most wonderful opportunities to share the word anywhere and at any time. (How Churches Are Taking Responsibility and Acting Carefully) Many churches, even very small ones, have discovered services can still go on as scheduled, broadcast them at a minimal cost, and even reach more members. We should be working to grow our churches instead of complaining and proclaiming others are trying to silence God. We also are not limited to on-line only. Some churches are conducting smaller in person services, as well as live streaming. We have many cases where there are parking lot services, athletic field services and even beach servicesfor those who feel the need to gather closer together. If we continue to defy regulations, continue trying to prove that we can do what we desire, not taking good responsibility, and keep spreading this virus, then we can only pray for the miracle that God will take this away. This miracle just may not be in His plan, we don’t decide. God does not make mistakes, so we have this virus for a purpose, and while it exists, it is part of His plan. We can choose to realize it is here and use the ability that God gave us to accept and adapt, or to defy the best advice we have today and try to be God ourselves. It is time to grow as ONE!

I am all for fellowship and worshiping together but I learned long ago, God does not require a building to spread His messages. Again, we need to work in Unity, set examples of how a Christian society can live together and love one another, set examples for the world. Adapting how we meet does not mean adapting God’s word that we share. Let’s do this! (Hebrews 13:17)

Share your thoughts and feelings here. Let’s chime-in!

Rev. M Silas Boyd


3 thoughts on “Unity in Christ: A Building Is Not The Church

  1. Well said. When I try to explain this to some, gently, they still rail against the establishment and only want to believe that their rights as a Christian are being impeded. As I don’t want to antagonize, I usually let up as I realize how personal a person’s belief is to them. Their usual fall back is to what their own pastor is conveying to them. At which point, I realize I must let God move that person’s heart.

  2. Rev. M. Silas Boyd: I say Amen to this post! In John 4:19-20, the woman at the well asks Jesus about the proper place to worship. In John 4:21-24 Jesus answers that we must worship in spirit and truth. The place doesn’t matter. Keep on preaching Unity In Christ! Love and Blessings to You! Melva

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